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10,000 Shoes Will Be Delivered To Western KY On Sunday

UK Athletics hosted a telethon last Tuesday evening, having players from the football and basketball team answering phone calls, accepting donations for the Tornado Relief fund created by UK. The school raised over $3 Million dollars that will be distributed through multiple areas that were excessively hit in Western Kentucky.

During John Calipari's postgame press conference after defeating UNC, he announced that he, Mitch Barnhart, Jack "Goose" Givens and Darius Miller are delivering 10,000 pairs of brand new shoes to victims of the tornadoes, giving shoes to many that have lost everything.

Calipari says the team won't travel because of the rise of covid cases recently, but wishes it was on different terms and that they could. "We just want people to know we care."

The Head Coach also says that they will be visiting 11 different families tomorrow to do Christmas for. "I want these kids to do stuff where they get nothing in return, to understand what true joy is."

You can criticize John Calipari for numerous things over his career (to be fair, tonight isn't the night anyways - we just thirty pieced North Carolina), but one thing he's done right every single time is being a servant leader, and using his platform and rosters to make a difference in the communities of Kentucky. Helping out the less fortunate and giving back. This is just another one of those moments. He truly gets it.



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