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5 UK Football Players Sue Lexington Police Officer Over Frat Scandal

Dating back to last summer, there has been a constant bug in my ear about a frat party that was overtaken by "a few Kentucky football players with a gun." After doing some research on the subject, I can report that out of all this, the University of Louisville has somehow embarrassed themselves AGAIN.

As we're just a few days from kickoff between the Cats and NIU, the news broke today when Jason Riley of WDRB reported that 5 of the 6 Kentucky Football players involved in the off-campus incident are suing the lead police officer in the case, stating the charges were "false" and "slanderous."

According to the claim, three members of the team were singled out using racist remarks while arriving to the party, and was told to leave. According to the attorneys, Tisdale and his colleagues left and did not return. Things took a bit of a twist when it came out that the lead officer involved was a U of L graduate, and the story was released purposely before SEC Media Days.

The lawsuits are alleging 'conspiracy to deprive constitutional rights, defamation, fabrication of false evidence and defamation.' According to the briefing, Joel Williams was jumped while trying to leave the fraternity party. The report that Vito Tisdale had a firearm is also entirely a lie, according to the claim. The players were held out for 5 games last season while the university and authorities reviewed all of the information they had, and eventually led to a 'not guilty' verdict.

This story is starting to pick up national attention again and to say that it's over would be incredibly silly. If the allegations about the officer are correct, oh boy. The rivalry is BACK.


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