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8 Tidbits You Didn't Know About Kentucky's New Players

Listen, it's the middle of the summer and there's not a whole lot going on, so bear with me. My job is to keep you guys entertained all year long and when there are no sports going on it causes major struggles around the Cats Coverage headquarters. Just sit back and learn something today.

With new faces each season, you may feel like you don't recognize half the basketball team on a season basis. Well thankfully, this year there are only a handful of new faces to the roster - six to be exact - and here are 8 facts about the six of them that will help you find some excitement during the offseason. Until our detailed season preview of each player comes out, this is the best thing you're going to get.

Roster Additions: Cason Wallace, Chris Livingston, Adou Thiero, Antonio Reeves, Grant Darbyshire, Walker Horn

  1. Walker Horn is the son of former Lexington star (Tates Creek HS) and Western Kentucky basketball player, Darrin Horn, who is currently the head coach of Northern Kentucky University.

  2. Adou There's dad, Almamy Thiero, played for John Calipari at Memphis.

  3. Antonio Reeves played for Simeon High School (Chicago), the same school that Derrick Rose played for before heading to Memphis with Calipari.

  4. Chris Livingston, who hails from Akron, Ohio, will have a role in LeBron James' upcoming film 'Shooting Stars' set to release in 2023, showcasing LeBron's childhood and rise to fame.

  5. Grant Darbyshire once won a contest at his High School for most consecutive push-ups on his basketball team with 105.

  6. Antonio Reeves finished last season ranking the 19th best among all Division I scorers averaging 20.1 points per game.

  7. Antonio Reeves has played in 89 collegiate games in his career.

  8. Cason Wallace is the 18th highest rated recruit under John Calipari at Kentucky, ahead of names such as Bam Adebayo, Terrence Jones, Malik Monk, Tyrese Maxey, Jamal Murray - the list goes on.

After doing my research for hours, I can guarantee you that these are the only eight facts non-stat related about the new guys that are on the entire internet. Trust me, I've looked everywhere. But, it's pretty cool for a split second to see these guys from a perspective outside of made baskets and blocked shots. They all have things that interest them which help make them unique amongst one another.

Before we know it, UK will be rolling out more videos on them during their summer training, interacting with fans and being a college student, amplifying more of their personality.



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