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A Look At TyTy Washington's NIL Endorsements

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Five-star freshman TyTy Washington has killed it since the beginning of the NIL era, setting out to make in the high six figures - some believe seven figures - before even playing a game in college. TyTy had quite the list of endorsements before Kentucky's first game, but through just 5 games of this season, here's how his NIL resume sets up.

NIL Deals

  • Porsche of Louisville

  • America's Best Caviar

  • Gatorade

  • Morgan & Morgan Law Firm

  • Cameo

  • Pro Camps

  • T.R.A.P House Clothing

  • Fazolis

  • Dr. Dish

  • Topps

  • Wild Card

  • The TyTy Washington Foundation

The crazy thing is, he still has 6-7 months left of his collegiate career, assuming he enters his name into the NBA Draft this summer.

Being just 18, driving around in a Porsche, eating caviar, having signature meals at restaurants, and playing at a blue-blood basketball program, you can say that life in Lexington has treated TyTy very good. It was important for Kentucky to jump on the NIL scene early on, and prove to incoming elite talents that you can come here and make a significant amount of money while staying in college. Doing this helps compete with the other post high school routes such as the G-League, Overtime Elite League, playing overseas for a season, etc.

NIL also helps benefit the players on our roster who are trying to decide wether to get drafted late in the NBA Draft (or maybe not at all), or to come back for another season at Kentucky. Davion Mintz for example, will likely make more at Kentucky this season than what he would have if he had went the overseas route, and Kentucky fans supporting these players will help keep them here during those situations.

Since there isn't a cap on how much players can make yet through NIL endorsements, numbers may be a little higher for the first few seasons until everyone gets accustomed and a feel for what players are worth, but either way, there isn't a doubt in anyones mind that Kentucky players can't make a lot of money here. UK fans are some of the most passionate fans in the country, and they will support these players in any way that they can. Can you imagine how much Anthony Davis or Benny Snell would have made here? Tim Couch? Jared Lorenzen? Kentucky will lead the way through this new era.


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