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A struggling Cats team finds themselves at 1-2 on the season

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Although Kentucky was coming off a home loss to Richmond, then found themselves facing No. 7 ranked Kansas just two days later, I didn't once think this was a game that we couldn't win. Actually, if I was a betting man, I would've leaned on Kentucky to pull this one out.

Kentucky started off really hot in the first half. Managed to get a double digit lead on the Jayhawks and was spreading the scoring out all across the rotation. It's just as if, the second half, was a complete different team. Consistency, figuring out the rotation of the roster, and fixing the mistakes that are costing you the game are the keys to putting these two losses behind you.

Also, the early season struggles definitely continue to haunt us as we keep beating ourselves with countless turnovers, a lot of missed free throws, and trying to shoot your way out of a cold streak from the three. In just three games this season, Kentucky has totaled 52 turnovers, shot 9/47 from the three-point line, and has missed 23 free throws (44/67). Thats ridiculous and has to be fixed going forward.

Some positives:

- Olivier Sarr looked like the best big man in the nation for the first 15 minutes before getting in could trouble

- Isaiah Jackson is cementing himself as THE power forward during Keion's absence, as he was on triple-double watch by halftime. Even though he came up just a little short with 7 points, 12 rebounds and 8 BLOCKS, We just keep getting sights of the rare Anthony Davis/Nerlens Noel type of player.

- PUT DONTAIE ALLEN IN THE GAME MORE. Kentucky is shooting way too horibble to be having one of their best shooters sit on the bench. He's made 2 of Kentucky's 9 made three-pointers this season with a lot less minutes to prove himself.

- Lastly, until I see something more of what I like from Devin Askew, I can't help but think you have to give Davion Mintz the start next game. He looked impressive tonight to say the least. His veteran strength has shown that he can control the pace of the game, make late buckets, and not panic when things get out of hand. Mintz is our point guard, IMO.

Anyways, it was fun watching Kentucky compete against some major talent, and not so much fun watching them lose it at the end, but at the very least, we're getting glimpse of positives from this team and I truly believe this team can be special, if they just fix these rookie mistakes. That's just the wear and tear that comes with playing a whole group of freshmen each season I guess, but at some point, the excuses run out... Once they figure this thing out, I do believe they'll be coming for the throne and taking names in the process. Until then, Go Cats.

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