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Aaron Bradshaw Suffers Offseason Injury

I'm to the point where I'm actually starting to feel bad for John Calipari and every single Kentucky fan who has been on this offseason ride and has dealt with what's unfolded. In terms of missing out on recruits, the postseason not finishing how we wanted it to, and having an unsuccessful times returning players, then you add on today's news, it sure has been a tough one to swallow. With that being said, I'm not sure how you sugar coat this one so let's just lay it out on the table. Five-star freshman, Aaron Bradshaw, who just arrived to campus under two weeks ago, has underwent an offseason injury.

As the weekend was approaching us, news surfaced that Bradshaw had fractured his foot which will postpone his debut as a Wildcat. The nation's No. 1 center and 4th overall player will look to spend the rest of his summer rehabbing his foot and recovering from this injury rather than practicing with his teammates and preparing for the upcoming season. This also means that he won't be participating in Kentucky's GLOBL JAM appearance in Canada at the end of this month.

Although he is expected to miss the start of the 2023-24 season per Shams Charania, we do need to emphasize the point he mentioned that the Kentucky basketball program is "optimistic on a full recovery" for the future star. While you could say "Duh, of course they expect that" on one hand, on the other, you could also say that Shams likely wouldn't have added that extra point had he not received word from someone tied to the program or even within the actual program that they were positive about the potential outcome of the situation. To me, this tells me that it may not be a severe injury and could be more on the milder side of the spectrum, which is of course great news. With the training staff and medical technology that UK has on campus, I'm confident his recovery can be quicker than it would be at most places and maybe we can have him back quicker than expected.

Big Blue Madness is still around three months out. He has plenty of time to progress in his recovery. Hate to hear this news but let's be grateful it's not September when something like this had taken place. We still have a little time to work with.



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