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Adou Thiero Enters Transfer Portal

The off-season is already in full-force and the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament hasn't even happened yet. This sport is truly never ending and it’s just something that we have to get accustomed to going forward.

With a report coming out on Thursday afternoon by On3 reporter Jamie Shaw, Kentucky’s Adou Thiero has entered his name into the transfer portal becoming the first 'Cat to make an off-season decision. While we still wait for Adou to announce himself, I think most people are assuming this report is true.

After two seasons in Lexington, the Pennsylvania guard will look to potentially find a new home for his junior season of college basketball unless he was to decide to return from the portal later this summer. Coming off his best season at Kentucky, he averaged a solid 7.2 points, 5.0 rebounds, 0.5 steals, 0.3 blocks, 0.4 assists, and nearly ten minutes a game coming off the bench for the Wildcats. His reps increased so much this season and he definitely made the most of them when available. He started in 19 games as a sophomore and was considered a valuable piece to the rotation, and in my opinion, Kentucky’s strongest asset in terms of physicality, hustle, and doing simply whatever it took against any opponent above any other player from the roster that I can think of. Adou played with passion, backed down from no one, and I admired him a lot for that.

Coming off this great season as a role player, one would have to think that he likely has a lot of teams reaching out to him for starter reps next season and likely a NIL set up that would have him in the position all of these guys want at a school. I know the staff will do their best to keep him at Kentucky, but you can’t blame the kid for wanting to go get the player exposure he’ll receive at another program next year. He would play a lot for Kentucky next season, but he isn’t going to start and would be behind another incoming class likely all season long. The same for the following year if he kept going down the same path. That's unfortunately the flaw of Kentucky, you're almost always second to the five-star recruiting classes that come in. It's the nature of the beast.

If he doesn’t return from the portal, he’s given fans here two full seasons of being completely bought-in and I don’t think anyone should fault him for chasing what he wants. I selfishly want him to be back in Lexington next fall, but if he’s not, I hope he finds what he needs at his next school.

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