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All 6 Of UK's Players Speak Out On Having Charges Dropped

Picture via LEX18

Stop the bus because we have finally made it to that light at the end of the tunnel. All six of the football players on UK's roster that were indicted on burglary charges from a fight that took place last March have had their charges dropped.

All six players, Andru Phillips, RJ Adams, JuTahn McClain, Earnest Sanders, Vito Tisdale and Joel Williams can all return to the field and will be available to play this Saturday against Florida.

CC's Matt Sak reported Tuesday evening that Mark Stoops allowed the players to return to practice over a week ago, the Monday of the prep week for South Carolina.

“We stuck by our players. We believed in them and we believed at the end of this process that they would be exonerated, and they were." said Stoops.

RJ Adams, JuTahn McClain and Andru Phillips each shared their thoughts on the situation through social media.

In the words of Ice Cube... 'Today was a good day.'


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