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An Update On The Shaedon Sharpe Era (Soon)

After Kentucky wrapped up a 48-point beating over High Point during Tubby Smith's return to Lexington, John Calipari was asked about Kentucky signee Shaedon Sharpe, who was supposed to be in Lexington sometime "after Christmas."

Well, it's December 31st, and Shaedon hass not yet made it to campus. "He's not here yet," said Calipari during his postgame press conference.

He was also asked about playing him once he does arrive, and if they are worried it could mess up how good things are going for this team currently. "There has never been a plan to play him. The family hasn't talked about it either. Let's just get him here, work him out and see where he is. See where our team is."

No worries, Shadeon Sharpe is still coming to Kentucky - he's signed and wants to be here - it's just that he's not yet arrived for whatever reason. I mean, it is the holidays, and that awkward time between Christmas and New Years where people usually take a break from the real world. I'm sure we will see him very soon. Likely within the first few weeks of January.


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