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Anthony Davis Makes Donation To The EKY Relief Fund

John Calipari has been preaching "be a servant leader" all summer long - well actually, for the last 13 years - to the new group of guys who are suiting up to play for Kentucky this season, teaching them how to become selfless and to use their platforms to bring joy to themselves by helping others and asking for nothing in return.

After years of doing so, and player after player coming through his system and learning his ways, you will eventually see it pay back off even at later dates once they're gone from the program. We've seen it for years now over and over again because the players the wind up here are the exact players (personality wise) that belong here. The ones that will trust in the staff and learn from their life-teaching lessons.

With that being said, John Calipari announced on social media last night that former Wildcat and UK National Champion, Anthony Davis, had made a donation to the Red Cross Eastern Kentucky Relief Fund of $350,000.00.

After giving money a few months back in support of the tornado victims down in western Kentucky, he's decided to give money to the flood victims as well. What a generous act by Anthony Davis that will help out the ones affected more than he could ever imagine.

"That’s servant leadership in action, that’s staying connected to this program and this state... Love you, Ant," tweeted out Calipari in a post.


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