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Antonio Reeves Is Reportedly Back On Campus

It seems like this has been the summer of chasing down Antonio Reeves' whereabouts. I kind of feel like a full-time detective while also like a part-time stalker. Watching the every move of a collegiate basketball player in the middle of June isn't something I'd like people to know about me, so let's keep that quiet if you don't mind. Thanks.

With that being said, it's now being reported that Antonio Reeves is back on campus this afternoon with a decision to officially announce his return to the team coming soon. Travis Branham of 247Sports was first with the news earlier this morning.

We did get to see images surface from the John Calipari father-son camp this weekend of Reeves' locker showing all of his stuff still in it, with his name being as prevalent as ever above it as well, so all the pieces do look confident in a return. Everyone I've talked to is backing that up as well. With everything in place, we're just waiting for the official announcement from the man himself.

To me, it makes the most sense for him to return after not getting told what he might've hoped for from the draft process. I just don't see how hitting the portal and going to another program would benefit him as much as returning, being the vet on this young roster, and catapulting into a fan favorite on the team. Another year as a Kentucky Wildcat is what he should do, in my opinion.


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