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Arrest Warrant For Chris Rodriguez Dismissed

Chris Rodriguez has apparently cleared up some of his legal trouble. According to a University of Kentucky Football spokesperson, Chris Rodriguez’s lawyer was supposed to appear in court on Friday on Rodriguez’s behalf. However, due to a scheduling snafu, the attorney did not appear which prompted Judge Denotra Gunther to issue an arrest warrant for Rodriguez, as well as imposing a $200 fine.

“We have confirmed with Chris’ attorneys that this was a scheduling mistake in their office,” the UK spokesperson said. “Chris was specifically advised by his attorneys not to attend because they would attend on his behalf. They are diligently working to get it corrected.”

While this issue has been resolved, Rodriguez still faces charges for careless driving, having no tail lamps, and operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. These charges stemmed from his traffic stop early Sunday morning by UK Campus Police on Nicholasville Road.


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