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Bam Adebayo Pays For An Entire Year Worth of Rent For Family Facing Eviction

Bam Adebayo, whose coming off a 5-year, $163 million dollar extension with the Miami Heat, decided to put some good energy out into the universe this past week by helping a family that was facing an eviction notice.

The Heat star met with Complex to discuss the details of his courageous act. Travillia Bogan, a single mother with two set of twins in Miami was notified she would be evicted if she couldn't pay her rent. Due to an auto-accident, she's been struggling financially to make ends meet and once Bam got word of it, he decided to give them a Christmas present of a lifetime.

“It’s gotta be No. 1,” Adebayo told Complex exclusively. “Just helping somebody like that, in that situation, and all the negative situations that’s happened to her the last couple of months, that’s definitely top of my list.”

On top of providing them a full years worth of rent, he also decided to continue helping with the upkeep and maintenance of the house, like upgrading the décor and improving the landscaping around the property.

Bam says he felt her gratitude through tears of joy. "There was no conversation. It was pure joy for her and her family. They're not getting evicted for Christmas."

“Through all this philanthropy that I’m doing, I hope that I spark one kid to change his decision-making, his lifestyle, or who he’s hanging with,” says Adebayo. “To go from being in the streets and me doing something special for them that can shift their whole mindset. That’s all I can ask for.”

It's great to see someone giving back to the environment they came from, growing up in a mobile home and struggling financially, and changing the future of children's lives. The Bogan family will remember this Christmas for the rest of their lives, and are now Adebayo fans forever.


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