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Big Z Already A Lottery Pick?

I know, I know. It is far too early to be talking about the 2024 NBA Draft, or is it? Whether you disagree with it or not, there is already a draft analyst that has predicted that Zvonimir Ivisic or "Big Z" will be a lottery pick come June 27th. Just this afternoon, Krysten Peek from Yahoo! Sports released her 2024 NBA Mock Draft.

There were a lot of names that we recognized in Peek's Top-10 Mock Draft, names such as Cody Williams, Alex Sarr, Ron Holland, etc. However, in Zvonimir's lone game on Saturday night against Georgia, he earned his way into Peek's Top-10 at the No. 9 spot to the Atlanta Hawks. Now, one can argue that Ivisic's debut for the Wildcats was one for the ages where he ended up with thirteen points, five rebounds, three blocks, two assists, and two steals, however, isn't it just a little bit too early to put him into the NBA Draft lottery discussion?

If you want to see Krysten Peek's full Top-25 NBA Mock Draft, you can view it here.

Peek had a couple of other Wildcats in her top-15 as she had Rob Dillingham at the No. 7 overall pick to the San Antonio Spurs and Reed Sheppard at No. 11 to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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