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Biggest Takeaways From Game 1

Kentucky got out to a hot start in the Bahamas Wednesday night, putting 108 points and beating their opponent by over 50 points. The Wildcat now own a 20 game win streak in exhibition games.

I had a few takeaways from the first game that I figured we should discuss.

Defensive Presence

The length of this team gives me 2015 Kentucky vibes. The speed, shot blocking, size, pick and roll defense, we just bothered the Dominican Republic National Team and it was obvious. I am not saying we will be 2015 level good on defense, because we probably won’t, but, I am an eye test guy and you can just tell these guys have it on the defensive side of the ball, which is always crucial for a deep tournament run.

Daimion Collins

I told y’all earlier this summer he was going to be a problem if he’s playing with the demeanor that he did tonight. Obviously, that dunk was absurd. Definitely one of the best dunks I’ve seen a player make in a Kentucky uniform. I liked what I saw from him on the defensive end as well. He does need to improve the rebounding a bit, but again, let’s pump the breaks. There’s a long way to go. It’s just August.

The Debut Players

Antonio Reeves seems to have a clip and can shoot it from anywhere. He put up 12 points with four made three-pointers. Chris Livingston also showed that he can play both ways and can’t be taken off the floor if he is shooting the ball well. His 11 points and 8 rebounds say it all. But Cason Wallace… something about the way he plays. His pace, his feel for the game… very Brandon Knight-ish if you ask me. I’m very excited to see him going forward.

Those were my three main takeaways through the first game, and after a brief run through of them, we’re on to the next. I’m not sure how good this Dominican Republic National Team actually was, but I do know one thing - this Kentucky team is scary deep. They have multiple weapons on both sides of the ball and even past the five on the court.

Good win, great game, onto Tec De


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