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Biggest Upsets of the Year So Far

November Madness? It doesn't have the same ring to it, but it certainly feels like it with the number of top teams who have taken a loss in the first week and a half into the season. So far we have seen 9 ranked teams lose, 6 of which came against unranked opponents. Many of these losses even came with the ranked team falling on their home court. Let's take a look at some of the biggest upsets so far.

#10 Illinois loses on the road to unranked Marquette, 67-66

This is probably the least bad loss on this list due to Illinois missing their All-American center to an objectively stupid suspension, it being their first true road game with fans in about a year and a half, and the loss only being by 1 point. But regardless, a loss is a loss, especially when it comes via Andre Curbelo, who was expected to be their best player, playing the worst game of his career. The sophomore guard shot 4 of 18 from the field, committed 7 turnovers, and was the main reason why Illinois' offense fell apart down the stretch to an opponent they were projected to beat by 8 points.

#4 Michigan loses at home to unranked Seton Hall, 67-65

The score and level of opponent is comparable to the loss Illinois suffered. However, Michigan played at home, they were at full strength, and there wasn't really a collapse down the stretch; they just got out played throughout the entire game. This loss is definitely worse than Illinois' loss, but don't worry Wolverine fans, definitely not the worst on this list.

#12 Oregon loses at home to unranked BYU, 81-49

For complete disclosure, the loss in itself was not so much of an upset because BYU absolutely should have been ranked and are a much better team than they were given credit for. The spread was also only -4.5 for Oregon, so they were not heavily favored to win by any measure. But being a top 12 team and losing by 32 points at home under any circumstances is embarrassing and certainly upsetting.

#20 Maryland loses at home to unranked George Mason, 71-66

I promise that when I started to write this article, I did not intend it to be a BIG 10 hit piece, but here we are. Maryland was 10 point favorites and playing at home and still dropped a multiple possession loss to a team who was not projected to finish in the top half of the Atlantic-10 conference. In a year where things are slowly returning to normalcy in the world of college basketball, the madness is as present as ever.


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