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BJ Boston gets drafted to the Los Angeles Clippers

Late last night during the NBA Draft, Kentucky's BJ Boston fell late to the second round at pick No. 51.

The former five-star and ESPN top-ten player in the class of 2020, had a draft night that I'm sure he never dreamed of going in the way that it did. Heading to Kentucky he was as hyped as any player could have ever been, and the expectation was nothing but a lottery pick after his solo year of college basketball. A top-three draft pick even so to say... Well, that was far from the case.

Boston's college experience didn't go the anywhere near the way he had hoped it would go, nor the way that he deserved for it to go. Many reasons, including covid regulations, the world shouting down and players getting zero ounces of what college life is like, struggling to adjust to the college level of basketball, and built roster that led to the schools worst record in program history. To cap off that nightmare of a season, the day after he and co-star teammate Terrence Clarke signed to their agency in preps for the NBA Draft, he lost Terrence due to a fatal car crash. For the majority of 2020 and months into 2021, life wasn't about basketball for BJ Boston. Having multiple serious life events to manage and deal with while off across the country away from your family and friends, I'm not sure how anyone could've gotten through it. BJ definitely handled the last 18 months as best as one could, and I can't help but have a soft spot for the kid.

Few had him projected very late in the first round, with everyone else having him early to mid second round. I think he fell a lot further down than anyone would've predicted, with just eight more picks coming in total, after hearing his name finally called. Pick 51 of 60.

Brandon Boston Jr.'s college basketball experience was one to remember, but not in a good way. I hate that for him, because we all know what the highs of being a Kentucky basketball player could've been, and sadly, he'll never get to feel that.. I am so happy he has found a home back out in California, and hope for nothing but success in his path as a NBA player.



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