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Bracketology Bubble Watch

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

As we all know, Kentucky is firmly on the "bubble" of current bracketology predictions, due to already amassing nine losses that include a home loss to an absolutely terrible South Carolina squad. Kentucky is now on the right side of the bubble, after picking up their second Quad 1 win of the season at Mississippi State on Wednesday, which was a win they desperately needed to get.

Kentucky has the potential to pick up four more Quad 1 wins on the season, as they host Tennessee today, travel to play Florida and Arkansas on the road while their win over Texas A&M is very close to being upgraded to Quad 1 status. If Kentucky can pick up those key victories, worrying about the bubble can be a thing of the past. However, if they end the season with a 3-2 record or worse, the fate of Kentucky's season will rely solely on how the other bubble teams perform, starting with a huge college basketball slate this weekend.

Below are the 16 teams in the bubble and who they match up with.

"Last Four Byes"

  1. Nevada: LOSS @ Utah State (20-7)

  2. Boise State: vs UNLV (16-10) (Today)

  3. Memphis: @ #2 Houston (24-2) (Today)

  4. West Virginia: LOSS vs Texas Tech (14-12)

Of the four teams ahead of Kentucky, two have already lost and two still need to play today.

"Last Four In"

  1. Kentucky: WIN vs #10 Tennessee (20-6)

  2. North Carolina: @ #23 NC State (20-7) (Today)

  3. Wisconsin: LOSS vs Rutgers (16-10)

  4. Clemson: LOSS @ Louisville (3-23) (damn)

Now through the top eight bubble teams, four have lost, three have not played yet, with the lone win being Kentucky's top ten victory over Tennessee. (Also Clemson, how the hell do you lose to Louisville.

"Last Four Out"

  1. Mississippi State: WIN @ Ole Miss (10-16)

  2. USC: vs Stanford (11-15)

  3. Oregon: @ Washington State (12-15)

  4. Charleston: No game this weekend

"Next Four Out"

  1. New Mexico: WIN vs San José State (16-11) (yesterday)

  2. Seton Hall: @ #20 UConn (19-7)

  3. Utah State: vs Nevada (20-6)

  4. Wake Forest: @ #15 Miami (21-5)



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