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Brennan Canada Announces A Return To Kentucky

A third Wildcat has made their offseason decision this afternoon. The Mount Sterling, Kentucky, native has spent the last four seasons in Lexington on the men's basketball roster. Signed on as a walk-on, the guard was honored by being put on scholarship back in January.

After getting his first career start on Senior Day, and totaling in 26 minutes of game time in his Kentucky career, Brennan says he doesn't want it to end just yet. "I know I could have had other opportunities, but this is the only place I want to play college basketball. Let's run it back one more year BBN!"

His announcement came on Instagram Thursday afternoon, and we'll be seeing him for at least another season rooting on his teammates like he's always done. It's crazy to think that he came into the program all the way back in 2019, being best friends and in the same class as Dontaie Allen.

If I was in his shoes, I would've made the same decision that he did today. Staying here for his whole career as opposed to going to another school for his final year, helps establish his roots in the BBN community and sets himself up for a connected life as an alumnus for as long as he lives. Not that the fanbase would abolish him from being a former player or anything, but if he had left this summer, they would have likely forgotten about him in a few months as new players came in. Not in a disrespectful way, but because he didn't do a whole lot here statistic wise, so it's easy to forget about those type players once they're gone. I mean, can you name ten walk-ons in under 15 seconds? Go...

But in this case, it's definitely different. With Brennan being a lifelong Kentuckian, and now staying here for all five (to be) years of his collegiate career, he has cemented future opportunities for himself to have an active role in the media and/or alumni world once he puts his shoes up and quits playing. We've seen countless guys make the most of their time here while on roster, then set up lifelong opportunities for them to have throughout their post-playing careers around the streets of Lexington. He can do just about anything he wants within that radius, the day that time arrives.

We've seem alumnus start local businesses, build brands, have media roles, appear in television roles, and even become school staff members in multiple forms, whether that's teaching or coaching. Many have said that Oscar Tshiebwe could be Governor here some day because of his popularity, and not a bit of that would have been possible had he not put that uniform on or chosen to go to school at a Kentucky college for it. Cameron Mills, who played for the school back in the late 90's, is still making a living nearly a quarter =-century later in the UK world. In more recent years, Jeff Sheppard (and Stacey) have set up the perfect story in having their son grow up, and through hard work, become a high school phenom while capping it off and coming to the same university that his parents met at many years ago. Dozens upon dozens still live here and are treated like royalty because of their commitment to the university at some point in time. I truly believe Brennan will be as well. That treatment isn't as likely once you leave town, unless you broke a few records or something while you were here.

Going and playing a lot of minutes at a smaller school next season or coming back to Kentucky for a fifth year was an absolute business decision whether he admits it or not. You'll see it true as he remains a relevant Wildcat, long after his playing days are over.


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