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Cal Says Shaedon Sharpe Will Be On Campus After Christmas

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

The nations No. 1 player (2022, now re-classed to 2021) will be making his way to Lexington in the coming weeks, to start making his impact on this program.

Now if he’ll play or not, who knows? The plan seems to be that he’ll not play in the second semester of the season, but will workout and practice with team, continue his preparation throughout the summer and will have 10 months of collegiate workouts under his belt.

John Calipari has been asked what he’ll do if they find themselves in a do-or-die game, and you need all weapons for the matchup, say a tournament game, and you have a potential No. 1 Draft pick sitting on the bench, ready to play. Do you use him? “I don’t think so, but we’ll see when he gets here,” said Calipari. He follows up with, “Let’s just get him here.”

The Head Coach announced Thursday afternoon that Shaedon will be here in the coming days. “I think he comes after Christmas. After Christmas, he’ll be back.”

Christmas is one week away. This will be a great present for the Big Blue Nation to receive just one day late of the holiday, but completely worth it.


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