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Calipari And Barnhart Conduct Their End-Of-Season Meeting

After a can’t-miss weekly John Calipari Show on Monday night, we kind of got further pushed into a direction on where things might be headed. I can say from personal evaluation that from Thursday night throughout the weekend on social media, no one was asking for another season of John Calipari at Kentucky. It was the clear favorite that this fanbase wanted to move on in hopes of getting back to what’s most important which is winning. I can’t say that I disagreed.

We found out during the radio show that the Head Coach and the Athletic Director had not yet met for their annual meeting like they do after each season, with unfortunately this one having just a couple of extra topics needing to be talked about between the two. “My guess is we’ll meet tomorrow (Tuesday),” said Calipari.

Well that indeed took place and the two met on Tuesday to discuss the future of this program. While we hadn’t received official confirmation that John was back for another year on Monday night, we did get that confirmation just 24 hours later.

"As we normally do at the end of every season, Coach Calipari and I have had conversations about the direction of our men’s basketball program and I can confirm that he will return for his 16th season as our head coach," said Mitch Barnhart in a social media post.

So it is official, year sixteen has arrived. While there is a lot to talk about going forward, I want to look back quickly at the overall picture of where things have went under his helm. In John Calipari’s tenure with the program, he is 410-123 (76.9%) as the coach. That percentage is still really decent, but if we’re being honest it was much higher before the losses of the last four seasons started to pile up, eating away at the elite run he had for the first 6 seasons here at an astonishing 190-38 stretch. It's clear that things since the end of the 2019 season haven't been remotely close to how it once was here, but there's an overflow of pressure for it to come back to the surface for this upcoming season so one would hope he pulls out all of his cards to make it happen.

He will now enter his 16th season in Lexington, approaching literally a make-or-break season which is following up the prior season of having an unofficial one last go-around in which he was booted from the postseason after just one game. It is truly a unique time within the basketball program and a lot rides on this upcoming season which I feel like most of the fanbase is going to be tuned out for before it even begins.

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