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Calipari Asked About "Built For March" Comments Following First Round Loss

Updated: Apr 10

Just four days ago we were sitting at John Calipari's house for Selection Sunday to find out where Kentucky was headed for the big dance. Bumped up to a three seed after expectations of a four, Kentucky drew 14-seed Oakland and were extremely pleased with their tournament path. They avoided the number one overall 1-seed and were headed to the city of Pittsburgh, the home of the Head Coach himself and many others tied to the program, including some players.

During Calipari's comments on the selection, he mentioned that this team was "built for March." No, literally, those were his exact words. "We’re built for March. Let’s go. Let’s prove it,” said Calipari. And now, we're counting on one hand the amount of days the season had left to its name following those comments. Kentucky would go on to fall to the Oakland Golden Grizzlies in a matchup they trailed in nearly the entire game, heading home early once again.

During his final postgame press conference of the season, he was rightfully asked about that comment from a Kentucky reporter, desperate for an answer resulting in a quote that was circulating the internet after the loss. "We made some critical mistakes at critical times again today. As good as they played and as many shots as they made, we still had our chances. And both on defense and offense, and when you have a really young team you look at where did the mistakes come from, they were freshmen. They had performed on the road in hostile environments and I didn't expect some of the stuff today, but they have gotten so much better in what they're doing. They never stopped. They fought. We just made some errors. I come back to this one, it hurts because they are the kind of team you love coaching, and you know, I wanted them to advance because of all that they've been through, and I wanted them to have a chance to relish and cherish this event."

Cal doesn't directly admit that he was wrong like people might have been looking for, but he does subtly give an answer. He says some of his players who have performed all year just didn't perform like he was expecting, which is true, but it still doesn't exempt the fact that this program is out early for another postseason once again. Now, he was not at all throwing his players under the bus. He's right on how they played. It didn't help that Rob Dillingham missed seven of his nine shots or that DJ Wagner played 17 minutes and had zero points, or even that Reed Sheppard only finished with 3 points in 25 minutes of play but there's still not a world to me where with the amount of overall talent you had on this roster that you still can't find a way to win against a program that's at the level of Oakland. With those exact stats, Kentucky lost by only four. You're telling me with the rest of the once-projected draft picks on this roster and the overall collective group that's had 7-plus players go for twenty (points) or more in a game this season it wasn't enough to go compete with? I'm not being convinced so. Once again we've seen underperforming results and they all are starting to pile up in the second half of the John Calipari tenure.

Another thing; It's fine to push away your struggles from the regular season and put everything on the postseason when you can bring back postseason results. I'm fine with that. I think most people actually are. But another first round exit in March isn't exactly being "built for March" like he just advocated so hard for last weekend. It just isn't. We're now two years removed from the horrific Saint Peter's loss, three seasons removed from the worst season in school history, and now we've lossed in the first round in two of the last 3 seasons and that is not acceptable at this program. This fanbase doesn't accept losing and they can only tolerate it for so long before they quit supporting it.

Kentucky Basketball is now entering another long and rough offseason with 1 NCAA Tournament win in the past 1800 days. I'm not sure where we go from here, but it feels like the light down at the end of the tunnel is far, far away.

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Well we’re not built for March either. Then they leave & go to the NBA! They never play this bad in the NBA. Must be the coaching or Non Coaching!


It’s your fault. All you keep are freshmen!


Yes they are young, but then they leave & you start with young all over! Thats Cal’s one & done. Thats all we’ll ever be is freshman! Never be older experienced players.


Built for March, Gold Standard, I like my team,

Then we lose again in the first round and it's....

They didn't play like we thought they would,

They are young,

I'm a clown as a coach...

Wait what?.....


Did he really say perfumed, or are you just a bad writer? Perfumed😂😂😂

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