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Calipari Confident Shaedon Stays Through Next Season

When Shaedon Sharpe arrived on campus in early January, it wasn't clear if he'd be eligible for the NBA Draft this summer. There was a world where he could come here for the spring semester, practice with the team but not play, and then enter the Draft with out ever suiting up for the Wildcats, and cutting his stay short in Lexington to less than 6 months.

John Calipari said in December there was never an expectation to play him this season, but if he believes he is ready and Kentucky needs him he might put him in. More so, he just kept pushing it off and said "we'll see how he is when he gets here." Well, he arrived in January and has been practicing with the team and even warming up with them, but not playing. On pace to condition with the team, but likely not to come in this season, and being THE guy to lead next years group. Well, some bad (for Kentucky fans) news came out Thursday afternoon.

News broke that Shaedon Sharpe has become eligible to enter the NBA Draft this summer. It was always a wonder if he would make eligibility or not, with a confusion of being the required age to enter your name, and the required length you have to be removed from High School to declare.

Draft Express' Jonathan Givony says that Shaedon Sharpe has now qualified for eligibility to enter the 2022 NBA Draft in a report put out Thursday morning.

Sharpe turns 19 on May 30 and thus meets the age requirement for the NBA draft, along with being one NBA season removed from high school graduation,” said Givony.

John Calipari held a pre-Auburn press conference Friday morning and was asked on what the news meant and how it would change things for his path through Kentucky.

"No, it doesn't change anything. He plans on being here next year. He's watching whether I play him or not this year, if he's ready to be able to be in games I'll put him in. But, he's a great kid, and he's doing well, and he is going to make practices even better. He's only been here two weeks. At the end of the day, you know I'm going to be for the kids, that's how I do this thing." It seems that Cal is sticking to his guns and pushing that Shaedon will be here next year, like we all selfishly want.

Shaedon Sharpe is projected in ESPN’s mock drafts at being drafted No. 6 overall.

All of this keeps getting more interesting by the week. Tweet me @TerrellTres and let me know what you think Shaedon will do.



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