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Calipari Gives Update On Bradshaw, Ivisic, Onyenso Following Blue-White Scrimmage

For most seasons, the annual Blue-White scrimmage is used as a way for fans to gauge their view of the upcoming Kentucky Basketball team. This year, fans may only be getting a glimpse of the first few weeks.

Zvonimir Ivisic was expected to participate in the annual exhibition hosted by the school. After a comment by head coach John Calipari following Big Blue Madness, fans were anticipating their first look at the 7-foot-2 Croatian addition. After the decision to hold Ivisic out went public, BBN did what BBN does and began to lose their collective mind. Once media caught up with Calipari post-scrimmage, he made it clear Ivisic was not 100% after his flight to America."He goes three hard practices... Hard. After the ramp up, after a 30-hour flight. After all the tests and needles that he had to have. He was cramping in his calves, his hamstrings, his groin, his knee." Calipari then went on to explain why he decided to keep Ivisic out of action Saturday night. "...I just said 'stop.' We can have him for here and I'd be a man of my word, or we can worry about the season." He then mentioned "Big Z" was used to three-a-day practices in Croatia but both Ivisic and Calipari soon realized the practices back home were nowhere as physical as the single practices at UK.

Without saying too much, the head coach told media that he has no timetable for Aaron Bradshaw and Ugonna Onyenso, as well as stating that he would expect Ugonna Onyenso to be the last of the injured players to rejoin the team due to the timing of his surgery. He said he regrets putting a set time on a return for Aaron Bradshaw and Ugonna Onyenso during UK's Pro Day at "5 weeks out" because he is not sure at the moment when they'll be cleared for action.

In other injury news, Adou Thiero gave it a go Saturday night after rolling his right ankle during last Wednesday's Pro Day. He finished shooting 10-13 from the field with a total of 26 points and grabbing 9 boards along the way. With plenty of uncertainty along the way in the frontcourt, Adou Thiero looked very confident in a role we haven't seen him in much - the 4 position.

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