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Calipari wins Jefferson Service Award

It has always been more than a game for Kentucky’s John Calipari, as he wins the Jefferson Award. He was given this award for giving back so much to the community this past year, especially for the western Kentucky tornado damages, as well as the eastern Kentucky’s floods.

This award is a pretty big deal, as previous winners include Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Larry Fitzgerald, and many more. Coach Calipari stated, “I am humbled to be recognized in this way. As I look back at my career in basketball and serving the community, things like this will matter to me more than any other award or recognition.”

He’s been involved with giving back ever since he started at Kentucky. Some of his past involvements have been:

  1. The Calipari foundation, partnering with his Fantasy Camp experience, which has generated millions of dollars and includes matching funds for more than 30 charities since its inception

  2. $12 million for the American Red Cross

  3. Raising millions for Hurricane Harvey

The list keeps going. While Cal is the second winningest coach at Kentucky, I would go ahead and say he is number one in giving back to communities. Let’s recognize this man’s greatness off the court as well.



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