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Cam'Ron Fletcher Breaks Down His Transfer Decisions

Kentucky announced on Saturday that forward, Cam'Ron Fletcher, had decided to enter the transfer portal after spending one season in Lexington.

In an interview with 247Sports Travis Branham, he said that his experience in the portal has been going good. "My phone has just been blowing up but I am just taking my time right now." Fletcher mentions that what he's looking for in a school is a program that plays a fast paced offense, and that has a good point guard. When asked what he looks most for in his future coach, he responded by saying, "I want a coach to be real with me." I'm not confident in saying that this was a shot at John Calipari or anything, but you could make an argument that it could be after all of the problems that went on between the two during his freshman season, which resulted in him being sent back home to Missouri for a week. Plus the Bluegrass Airport conversations didn't help either. At the same time, in his defense, once Cam'Ron returned to Lexington things seemed to be going well between the two parties, as Cal made multiple positive remarks of his return going great and really benefiting the program. Ultimately, being benched for nearly the rest of the season dealt a hand in his decision, and I think for the best, him transferring will benefit both sides.

The former four-star from St. Louis says he's heard from multiple schools: Missouri, Florida State, Oklahoma State, UCLA, USC, Washington, St. Mary's, San Diego State, Georgetown, Loyola Chicago, Tennessee, Marquette and Memphis.

As of now, Memphis and Marquette are the only known schools that have extended him an offer. Missouri is believed to be a realistic destination, as that's his hometown school and they were really involved in his recruitment coming out of High School.

Cam'Ron Fletcher scored a total of 15 points across eight games and just 59 minutes this season, never exceeding his the first game of the season where he scored a career-high 9 points against Morehead State.



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