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Cam'Ron Fletcher Has Arrived Back In Lexington

Just one week after John Calipari announced that he had decided to suspend four-star forward, Cam'Ron Fletcher, has he made it back to the program.

“We had an issue with one of our players, sent him home and he’s back now." Calipari says after a week off to think about things, that Fletcher is understanding and in a right frame of mind on what the program needs out of him.

Cam'Ron Fletcher took it to Instagram this morning to announce that he was BACK.

"I told him he may not play a minute this year. How are you going to deal with that? What if you don’t play? I wanted everybody to hear that so that we understood that this is for the long haul, this is to get you to change," said Head Coach John Calipari.

“And there were a couple other things that I said to him that I absolutely expected that, if you wanted to be a part of it, this is how it must be and he was great.

I think the kid feels bad but he had to have a wake-up call. And so, the conversation, he came in and hugged me. ‘Coach, I’m telling you, I’m going to be a different guy.’ Perfect. Because that’s why you do things. I’m not doing it to prove a point," continued Cal.

Now that both parties are on the same page, you can only hope that when Fletcher gets his chance again, he'll have a huge outbreak of success in attempt at redemption.


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