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Cam'Ron Fletcher Has Been Asked "To Step Away From The Team"

(Jordan Prather/USA TODAY Sports)

There are a lot of concerning worries involving the Kentucky Basketball program this afternoon, that have trickled in from Saturdays loss against North Carolina.

Kentucky is 1-5, they can't seem to find a win, and they haven't had much production from their 'elite' players, but that's not even the headliner for today. News broke this morning when John Calipari tweeted out that he has asked Cam'Ron Fletcher to "take some time and step away from the team." He went on to say that Fletcher needs to "reflect and do some soul searching to get his priorities in order. Any attitude or actions that are detrimental to this team will not be tolerated..."

As a program that's not had many major inside problems over the last decade, this comes out as very shocking to me. We've had moments such as the Ashton Hagans money video, or players like Kahlil Whitney leaving midseason, but all of those have had justifiable reasoning behind them, and any 'dirty laundry' information surrounding those have always stayed in house. Well, John Calipari tweeted out the news for the entire fans base to hear this morning.

Cam'ron Fletcher was asked to take some time off after his emotions got the best of him towards the ending of the UNC game Saturday evening. He had played two scoreless minutes throughout the game, and Fletcher was seen sitting on the bench in nearly tears as he was showcasing anger towards the coaching staff. It was reported that Cal had asked him to go into the game again towards the very end, and he declined it.

Then after the game, none of the active players were sent out to do the postgame press conference, which was extremely odd and we'd had never seen anything like that before. Come to find out, Cam'Ron Fletcher had come in the locker room and apologized to everyone, and I'm sure the aftermath of that was what had been taking place during the press conference. Keion Brooks said none of his teammates were up to coming out and doing it, so he said as the team leader he would come out and "defend his teammates."

The four-star St. Louis prospect has now went scoreless in the last four games, and has only played 7 total minutes in the last three.

As of now, Cam'Ron Fletcher will be taking some time away, and I'll keep you guys updated when this story develops into more.


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