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Cason Wallace Receives NBA Draft Green Room Invite

As he looks to be the only Cat projected to get drafted in the first round this summer, it relieves a little stress to see that the NBA is prioritizing him with all of the other top-projected draft picks which helps keep that Kentucky brand in the mix of things while all of the cameras are rolling and the lights are bright. While it won't be "the greatest day in Kentucky basketball history" this go-around, or even remotely close to what it was like just a half-decade ago, I'm glad we've got essentially a lock for at least one player and not nothing.

This Thursday night, June 22, the thirty "best" will hear their name called by NBA commissioner, Adam Silver. Cason Wallace is tabbed as one of those individuals as he has been invited to the "green room" for the event.

Per Jonathan Givony of Draft Express, here is the official list of who have been invited.

  • Victor Wembanyama

  • Brandon Miller

  • Scoot Henderson

  • Amen Thompson

  • Ausar Thompson

  • Cameron Whitmore

  • Jarace Walker

  • Anthony Black

  • Taylor Hendricks

  • Gradey Dick

  • Bilal Coulibaly

  • Cason Wallace

  • Nick Smith

  • Dereck Lively II

  • Kobe Bufkin

  • Jalen Hood-Schifino

  • Jett Howard

  • Jordan Hawkins

  • Keyonte George

  • Kris Murray (declined)

  • Noah Clowney

  • Olivier Maxence-Prosper

  • Brandin Podziemski

  • Rayan Rupert

  • Jaime Jaquez Jr.

A green room invite is an invitation that's sent out to players expected to be drafted within the first round, which isn't a guarantee but still a likely chance for the majority, in which they can bring their families and close friends to sit in and celebrate with them as they await their selection and eat up all the camera spotlight. In recent memory, these draft nights have become quite the fashion show so I'm excited to see what Cason walks out in. I can vividly remember Kevin Knox having a 'Fortnite' suit for his, haha.

In the final mock draft by ESPN, Cason Wallace is projected to go 15th overall to the Atlanta Hawks. He conducted his final team workout coincidently with the same franchise this morning. While things could fluctuate a little, picks 13-17 consist of the Toronto Raptors, New Orleans Pelicans, Atlanta Hawks, Utah Jazz, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

He looks to be having a lot of fun as he reminisces and preps for the night he's worked for his entire life.

As he announced his decision to conclude his collegiate career back on April 1, and his final statement ended with, "I'm declaring for the NBA Draft to continue to pursue my life-long dream of playing in the NBA. I will cherish my time with Big Blue Nation and I want to thank you all for your support and encouragement throughout the year."

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