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Cason Wallace, Sahvir Wheeler With Potential Returns For SEC Tournament

If you were watching the Kentucky versus Vanderbilt game last Wednesday night, then you are probably like me and caught yourself holding your breath when you saw Cason Wallace go down just minutes into the second half. Time and time again it seems as though Kentucky suffers from some sort of injury near the end of the season and Wildcat fans must have experienced 'deja-vu' during that possession knowing that the SEC Tournament was just days away.

If you didn't know, Cason Wallace's injury was labeled as a lower leg injury and his status for the SEC Tournament was uncertain. However, Kyle Tucker from the Athletic discussed on Tom Leach's radio show this morning that he expects Wallace to not only be back for the NCAA Tournament, but that he expects him to even see the floor during the SEC Tournament.

Not only does Kyle believe that Wallace will be good to go for postseason play, but he believes that there is also a chance we'll see Sahvir Wheeler back for the SEC Tournament as well.

He went on to say that Kentucky should be at full strength for the NCAA Tournament. If true, this would indicate that Kentucky will regain Cason Wallace, Sahvir Wheeler, and CJ Frederick by March 16, when the big dance begins.

It's widely known that Kyle Tucker is plugged into the Kentucky Men's Basketball program as he has a few connections around the team, so assuming this statement has a lot of validity behind it, this would be huge for the Wildcats as they prepare for postseason play and as they embark a run for NCAA Title number nine. I have said this for weeks now - It is crucial for this team to be at full strength going into tournament time. Having Sahvir and Cason back only helps this team because having depth at the point guard position is very necessary if you want to have any shot at going deep into the tournament, in my opinion.


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