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Cats Could Be Without "Two or Three" Players vs. Alabama

This team just cannot escape the dark cloud named 'injury' that has been floating around the team for the entire season. It's starting to feel like a weekly occurrence of predicting which player is going to be out for the game that week. This team has only played in 12 complete games this season with a roster at full strength.

Going into the Tennessee game Tuesday evening, we weren't expecting TyTy Washington or Jacob Toppin to play, but they both ended up finding a way to do so. With TyTy making an exit only a minute into the second half from re-aggravating his ankle, just totaling 12 minutes for the game, that streak remained true going forward. In the press conference this morning to preview tomorrows matchup against Alabama, John Calipari said that they could be without two or three guys on Saturday. "I don't know, I haven't been to practice yet. We could be a couple down, two or three down, I don't know yet."

We can already assume one of those will be TyTy Washington, that's a lock, but I'm not entirely sure who the other two are if that statement ends up remaining true. Jacob Toppin could be a candidate but he seemed to be fine in Knoxville so I'm not confident in saying he's one.

I guess we'll know for sure when they roll out the balls on Saturday afternoon.


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