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Cats Coverage Joins The SPC Network

Over the last few months, things over at Cats Coverage have been taking off. Growing at a rapid pace, we have started to reach more and more of the Kentucky fanbase and we're hitting many goals we've set out to accomplish.

Now, we're looking for that next major step. Something that can take CC to another level of coverage, help build the website into a true brand, and diverse our skills into more avenues throughout the media world. We believe that next step is with Six Pack Coverage, a multi-media company based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

SPC is a fairly new, but sky-rocketing multi-media company over the last year that covers sports, entertainment, fitness, food/travel, finance and even college life. Their national reach will not only allow us to reach a more broad audience across the country, but also help us continue to grow our brand and diverse into deeper areas outside of just Kentucky Athletics (more to be announced at a later date).

I started this site in late June of 2020, during the shutdown of the world, and it is safe to say that it has already - in just 14 months - reached heights that I wasn't completely sure if it ever would. Without the great help of my writers, Jordan Mathus, Isaac Matthews, Janson Hoskins, Matt Sak, Jordan Hughes and Grant Peters, none of this would have been possible, and I owe them each endless amounts of credit for their contributions.

As a team, we're more excited than ever to be joining Six Pack Coverage, and we hope you'll continue supporting our work through us and them. We're officially a part of their network starting in December, and things might look a little different around the site but it will all be for the better. No matter what, the content that has brought you here will look 100% the same, and everyone who has been on board is making the adjustment through as well.

Again, thank you for your support and reading/listening to our work, because we put a lot of time and effort into making it as best as we possibly can. As always, Go Cats.

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