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CBS Sports Classic Series Extended With Kentucky In It

The annual CBS Sports Classic that Kentucky participates in each season has just announced that the tournament will be continued for another three seasons.

One of college basketball's biggest events which consistently includes Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio State and UCLA will remain with the Wildcats in it all the way through the 2026-27 season.

Kentucky's all-time record in the event is 4-4, followed by Ohio State at 4-3, UCLA at 2-5 and led by UNC at 5-3. The Cats will play Ohio State in 2024, UCLA in 2025, and North Carolina in 2026, all in cities that have yet to be announced.

Some fans don't tend to enjoy this event each season if it's the case their opponent is having an off-year, but to me, each season you're guaranteed to play a historically good program two out of your three chances in terms of an all-time rank worthy of a school, which is a great opportunity. UCLA and UNC are two of the blue-bloods in college basketball and a chance to get a win over one of those two each season is great. If not them, then you have a likely win over Ohio State unless you catch them on a good year, which will still be interesting to watch. I like this news and I think the majority of the fanbase will as well.


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