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CC Staff Predictions: Georgia vs Kentucky

We have finally reached the game that Big Blue Nation has been waiting for since the tickets became available. The problem? Kentucky is 6-4 and coming off a embarrassing loss at the hand's of Vanderbilt. On the other side, you have top-ranked Georgia, a team that has lived up to their high expectations as the defending national champions. My advice for Saturday's game? Enjoy some beverages, it's going to be a long day. It seems as if our staff feels the same way.

Braden Nevius

Georgia - 45

Kentucky - 3

J.R. Simpson

Georgia - 45

Kentucky - 0

Jordan Mathus

Georgia - 27

Kentucky - 7

Tres Terrell

Georgia- 45

Kentucky - 21

Matt Sak

Georgia - 17

Kentucky - 14


Janson Hoskins

Georgia - 37

Kentucky - 6

You can watch Kentucky's likely demise on national TV at 3:30 PM ET on CBS.


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