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CC Staff Predictions: Kentucky vs Missouri

After a dreadful performance against Tennessee, Kentucky must move on and look forward to a 11 AM CT matchup against the Missouri Tigers. Eliah Drinkiwitz's club is coming off of their most impressive win of the season with a 23-10 win over No. 25 South Carolina on the road. Bettors accross the country see this one going either way as the line is even at the time this article is being written. How does our staff see tomorrow playing out? Fairly positive overall.

Braden Nevius

Kentucky - 27

Missouri - 17

Jordan Mathus

Kentucky - 24

Missouri - 21

J.R. Simpson

Kentucky - 17

Missouri - 14

Janson Hoskins

Kentucky - 20

Missouri - 24

Matt Sak

Kentucky - 20

Missouri - 9

Tres Terrell

Kentucky - 42

Missouri - 25

Kickoff is at Noon ET on the SEC Network. Time to clinch a bowl berth.


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