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CC Staff Predictions: Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

SEC play is finally here as revenge-minded Kentucky travels to Nashville to take on the 2-2 Vanderbilt Commodores. Clark Lea's crew is coming off a heartbreaking 40-37 loss at the hand of UNLV last Saturday.

Despite this game being on the road, I would anticipate a Kentucky-friendly reduced capacity crowd on Saturday afternoon. The Commodores' stadium is currently being renovated, and is at a measly 28,000-seat capacity for the 2023 season. Furthermore, a crane is even holding up the scoreboard in one endzone.

Given the weird environment, this game could get very strange. How strange? I asked the Cats Coverage staff their thoughts on Saturday's game.

Braden Nevius

Kentucky - 38

Vanderbilt - 13

Jordan Mathus

Kentucky - 34

Vanderbilt - 24

Jacob Childers

Kentucky - 31

Vanderbilt - 14

Tres Terrell

Kentucky - 35

Vanderbilt - 17

Matt Sak

Kentucky - 35

Vanderbilt - 14

Janson Hoskins

Kentucky - 27

Vanderbilt - 20

Jack Wagner

Kentucky - 24

Vanderbilt - 13

Kickoff is set for 12:00 PM (11:00 AM local) on Saturday in Nashville.

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KY 3-Vandy 24

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