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CC Staff Predictions: Vanderbilt vs Kentucky

Following a much needed win at Missouri, Kentucky returns to Kroger Field to begin its final stretch of the season. With a big name bowl within reach, the Wildcats will be looking to impose their will against a Vanderbilt team that is winless in the SEC. We're feeling good about the game at Cats Coverage.

Braden Nevius

Vanderbilt - 17

Kentucky - 38

J.R. Simpson

Vanderbilt - 20

Kentucky - 38

Jordan Mathus

Vanderbilt - 13

Kentucky - 38

Janson Hoskins

Vanderbilt - 20

Kentucky - 38

Matt Sak

Vanderbilt - 7

Kentucky - 28

Tres Terrell

Vanderbilt - 21

Kentucky - 42

Kickoff is at Noon on the SEC Network.



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