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CC Staff Predictions: Youngstown State vs Kentucky

Coming off a monumental win in The Swamp, Kentucky will look to avoid a let down game against FCS opponent Youngstown State. The Penguins come in with a 2-0 record, with wins over Duquesne and Dayton, and will be playing with house money. Knowing Coach Stoops, he will want to take it easy on his hometown school, which could lead to a closer score than one would think. Here's where our staff stands.

Jordan Mathus

Youngstown State-10


Braden Nevius

Youngstown State-13


J.R. Simpson

Youngstown State-17


Matt Sak

Youngstown State-0


Janson Hoskins

Youngstown State-17


Tres Terrell

Youngstown State-17


We're all in agreement that Kentucky should be on their way to an easy win in week three. The main goals for this one should be to stay healthy and get some reps for some young guys who have seen limited or no reps so far this season. 3-0 should be right in the Wildcats' hands.

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