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Check out Olivier Sarr's physical growth since arriving to Lexington

It's no doubt that Kentucky has all the tools to make a player great, and that goes way past just having a Hall of Fame Head Coach. Kentucky has the facilities, the nutritionist, the equipment, and pretty much head to toe what a player needs to become one of the best in the country, outside of their natural God-gifted talent.

Kentuckys strength coach, Rob Harris, is known for completing transforming the bodies of Kentucky players, and you might remember last year when the Nate Sestina transformation was released.

It's clear that Rob knows how to transform a body to reach its full potential.

Now, he got to work on Wake Forest transfer, Olivier Sarr.

Both of these pictures show the difference in the time spent at their previous schools versus their time spent at Kentucky. Nate Sestina spent four years at Bucknell, and then in one season at Kentucky changed into the second picture. The picture above shows what 3 years at Wake Forest can get you compared to 4 months in Lexington.

The proof is in the pudding that Kentucky can push you to your limits and set you up for success in plenty of ways that go outside of just dribbling a ball. All I got to say is that Rob Harris better be making a good living with all of the testimonials he's putting out.



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