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CJ Fredrick Dealing With Minor Ankle Injury

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Kentucky is having an un-televised Pro Day this afternoon and dozens of NBA scouts will be in attendance to evaluate the team as they prepare for their season to begin.

John Calipari has came straight out of the bag and announced that they will be without CJ Fredrick today.

The head coach announced that Fredrick is suffering from just an ankle injury after he "turned his ankle" and the staff expects him to be out for a few days.

While this isn't a major deal, it is something, and we'd like to hope that it heals well this week and doesn't result in a pro-longed injury where the ankle becomes more weak over time and becomes more likely to happen again.

Note that John Calipari said in the last part of his tweet, "Happy it's not serious!"


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