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CJ Fredrick Has A New Injury

CJ Fredrick's road to recovery seems to have taken another turn - this time, with a new injury.

It was already a given that last night we wouldn't see CJ take the court against Robert Morris, as he is still sidelined from his leg injury from this summer, and is rehabbing from the surgery he had done back in late July.

Last night, CC's own, Matt Sak, reported that Fredrick was seen using crutches to get around the court during the teams shoot-around, which he hadn't been seen on before.

Tom Leach followed up on the pregame show to that report, and said that CJ Fredrick has a new injury now, involving his hamstring, and his new timetable is now even further unknown.

I think we just have to accept the fact that we won't be seeing CJ suiting up for quite some time.



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