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CJ Fredrick Injury Update

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

John Calipari conducted his weekly call-in show Monday evening to update fans on the status of his team. They are coming off a brutal loss at No. 7 Alabama, which killed any kind of confidence that this team might have had. They had been starting to figure things out after having back-to-back wins over Louisville and LSU in the games prior.

When answering a handful of questions surrounding the program and its players, Tom Leach posed the question about an update on former Iowa transfer, and now second year Wildcat, CJ Fredrick, who was seen exiting the first half versus Missouri to a right hand injury.

John Calipari said that he managed to participate in practice on Monday afternoon with the team. "He wasn't going to go live but he did, and he looked really good. But, you know. We'll see. Now that he's practiced I'll probably call him tonight and ask him, 'How's it feeling?'" John Calipari cuts the inside info off after those few sentences and reverts back to discussing his team and what they plan to do moving forward.

CJ has been sidelined since the start of the second half at Missouri. He has also sat out the home game against Louisville, the home game versus LSU and for the road trip to Alabama. It doesn't look like he'll be getting any kind game action anytime soon, but after missing all of last season and then battling a shoulder problem this fall, along with awaiting the completion of his leg to heal from this summer, to now fast-forwarding to being out with his right hand, it seems like the kid just cannot catch a break. Maybe he is just injury prone, but who knows. Either way, it sucks and of course you just hope for the best comeback possible for his future.



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