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CJ Fredrick Out For The Short Term Future

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

It looks like CJ Fredrick will be out for the foreseeable future with his current injury. The school announced just before tipoff on Saturday that he would miss the matchup against the Georgia Bulldogs, along with Sahvir Wheeler.

KSR's Jack Pilgrim reported that CJ is out with a "cracked rib" and is considered day-to-day moving forward. He also mentioned that the goal is to have Fredrick back on the floor "sooner than later", so that he can help this team fight for a postseason berth.

The Iowa transfer sat out all last year due to a hamstring injury which required a medical procedure and has been battling multiple injuries this season, causing him to miss four of the 25 games played by the team. That number looks like it will have more added to it in the coming weeks, due to his most recent injury (rib). After having to miss UK's Pro Day (October) to an ankle injury, he returned for a 12 game stretch before eventually missing the Louisville, LSU, and Alabama games due to a dislocated finger. It was only two games ago that he was able to take the splint off and get back to normal and now, he's cracked his rib, which requires desperate time off from physical activity. If you haven't ever experienced cracking a rib, trust me, it hurts.

While I don't want to knock on the kid, it just seems like he's one of those players that are just "injury-prone." He's great when healthy, but keeping him healthy is the biggest chore. I often wonder if he needs to go out on the court with some bubble wrap tucked into his jersey and shorts so that we can keep him active for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, some players are like this and you just have to take the good with the bad. Hopefully, he heals well from this injury and we can do our best to prolong his stay until the next one.

He's played 510 minutes in 21 games for Kentucky this season and is searching to find a few more in the remaining regular season games. If not, then maybe in the SEC Tournament.


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