CJ Fredrick Undergoes Surgery

Iowa transfer and former Covington Catholic star, CJ Fredrick, has broke his leg and will undergo surgery today, per Ryan Lemond of KSR.

It's never good news when you hear that a player has suffered a major injury that will definitely have an effect on their career long-term, and will be something they'll have to manage as time goes on, but if there is anything positive from this is that he'll be in no way rushed to return back to the court because Kentucky isn't struggling for players to produce this season by any means. Yeah, you never want to see anything like this for anyone trying to develop their careers but from the optimistic side, he can heal this thing the correct way and bounce back stronger than ever.

The 6'3 shooter played a big role in Iowa's offense the last two seasons averaging 8.8 PPG, 1.5 RPG, 2.3 APG on 47% shooting from the field, with a 46% accuracy from behind the three-point line. Without a doubt a part of production that Kentucky will miss, but he'll make his way back to the court when the time is right.

John Calipari released a tweet this morning saying, "CJ Fredrick had a minor procedure today that needed to be done at some point before the season. He and his family decided to be proactive and have it done now rather than wait. We are all happy it went well and he will be back better than ever and ready to go for the season!"

On the other hand, while that is good news that they don't seem to be too worried about it, it still leaves me confused to how someone can just 'decide' went they want to repair a broken leg. Maybe that's why I'm no doctor, and could be completely wrong about this, but if someone can manage having a broken leg for an extended period of time and not need immediate help, then that's news to me!

The key point was that Kentuckys staff believes he'll be "ready to go for the season." So you got to love hearing that. I'm sure they will ease him back into the rotation, but Big Blue Madness happens in late October, with Kentuckys first official game coming on November 9th versus Duke. About three and half months out for his healing.

Anyways, prayers for CJ and his family for a healthy recovery. We'll see you laced up in that ugly checkerboard soon enough.


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