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Coach Cal's Thoughts On The Consistent Upsets In CBB

All across College Basketball this season we've seen upset after upset, a trend that has rapidly been increasing over the last few years. It's to the point now where a top-ten ranking feels like it doesn't mean a whole lot and when you are one of those teams you have to feel as if you are on "upset watch" with no program seeming safe this season. The sport itself is definitely in a multi-year transition phase with NIL in full swing, the options you have with the transfer portal, and the changing over of long-time coaches exiting the game and avoiding the drastic change of it by going into retirement. The "Blue Bloods" have been down over the last few seasons and Kentucky is no exception to that.

They've not been to a Final Four in over eight seasons, an Elite Eight in over four, nor past the second weekend of the tournament in over four seasons as well. I feel like this is similar to the middle school stage that everyone goes through in life where things get a little awkward and new things arrive in front of you and you have to learn how to adapt to them. College Basketball is weird right now, and unfortunately I don't think we're close to being on the other side of it just yet so we're going to have to learn how to navigate it together.

Kentucky's Head Coach was asked why he thinks the sport is going through this phase and how it affects his squad.

"New teams. Most guys have new teams. We have a young team. We got the youngest team in the country. Most teams are new teams and when stuff hits you are still learning what and who is what and what they can do. Some veteran teams may be better at it but most of the teams – you know, Tennessee is a veteran team. The have added one piece and that piece is pretty good. They are a veteran team. But it's the same whether it be losing at home or losing to teams that are unranked. It is happening to everybody. That's why I keep coming back to. I'd say today's game and South Carolina... We were possessions away from all of these other games. That's why you got to stay the course. You can't listen to the negative stuff. You can't listen to all of the clutter. We are still a good team and now we have to get healthy and we have to get back on track. But, there is a lot of people that would like to have my team."

Kentucky has lost to an unranked UNC Wilmington at home, an unranked Texas A&M team on the road, an unranked South Carolina team on the road, and an unranked Florida team at home. That makes up for four of their six losses this year. There's definitely something to it and there are numbers backing it up. Now, in my opinion, I believe if you're truly a good team then you don't just get "upset" by these superior teams, but looking across the league this year I don't see a whole lot of good teams and it's reflecting on a weekly basis. Kentucky can be good, but are they a good team right now? No. Not even close. Have they had good moments this year? Yes, very much. But those are two different things and until Kentucky learns how to become a "good team" then I don't expect their loss count to stop at its current status of six.

Hear more of what the coach had to say in his postgame press conference following the loss to No. 5 Tennessee.

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