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With recent tensions being brought to light over the past few months on the concerns of the alleged racial ties to former Kentucky Head Coach, Adolph Rupp, the Rupp family has created a website to defend the great name of Adolph Rupp and make active steps to show others that he might not have been the racist that many people believe he is to be.

Back in late July, the African-American Africana Studies faculty filed a claim to the University of Kentucky President, Eli Capiluto, in attempt to have the name changed at Rupp Arena. While the university doesn't actually own the arena, as it's owned by the Urban City Council, the don't have the full rights to change the name if they even wanted to.

In January 2020, Central Bank bought the naming rights to the arena, making its official name 'Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center.' Back then, UK Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart said, “The name is tied to Coach Rupp and the Rupp family is so important for us, to protect that name and to make sure it is always remembered as the iconic place, family, name, leader of college basketball. Thank you for that. We intend to preserve that forever.” Barnhart went on to say, "It has to be Rupp Arena."

So it's doesn't seem likely Rupp Arenas name will change anytime soon, and the Rupp family plans to continue honoring Adolph through


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