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Daimion Collins Is Eating A Lot of Food

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Five-star freshman Daimion Collins came to Kentucky as player that needed some development, but had already shown a lot of potential before ever making it to campus.

The staff understood just how good he could really be if they could only tinker just a few things to his game. One main thing being his weight. This summer when arriving to school he was listed at 6’9 and just 202 lbs. We all were aware that his weight was not enough to be banging around in the post throughout the SEC or college basketball in general, and he needed to be doing everything he could to bulk up to give him his best shot to compete.

From the summer workouts Collins has been on a weight lifting schedule, including a meal plan. He says he aims to eat 5,000 calories a day along with lifting 4 times a week to build up his body.

I think that is the best route for him to take and if he keeps diving head into plates we could see a new and transformed sophomore season from Daimion Collins.

He’s coming off a 10 point, 6 rebound performance against Alabama on Saturday night. His future sure looks promising.

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