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Daimion Collins To Return For Sophomore Season

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Kentucky’s first roster “move” of the offseason has happened, only three days after Kentucky’s last game.

Power forward, Daimion Collins, will reportedly be returning to Kentucky for a sophomore season, per Travis Branham of 247Sports. He was rumored over the last half of the season to be one of the players to watch heading into the offseason, to see if he’d be a candidate to transfer or not come summertime. Gladly, we can now throw that narrative away.

I’m glad the Texas native was quick in realizing he wanted another round under John Calipari, and am expecting a major jump this coming season from him.

The former freshman averaged just 2.9 points, 2.0 rebounds and 0.7 blocks a game throughout his 27 games played as a Wildcat. Collins also only averaged 7.5 minutes on a given outing, so he’s looking to come back for a huge jump as a now “veteran” in the midst of a one-and-done blue-blood culture in Lexington.

Anyone around the program or even anyone who has watched from afar all season long will tell you that Daimion Collins is poised for a great career at Kentucky, leveraging his freak athleticism and body type, that will come with more reps and more experience next year.

Here’s to year two, Mr. Collins.

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