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Daimion Collins Transfers To LSU

As we navigate our way through this painful, gut-wrenching offseason, today we were dealt with some news that actually wasn't that bad compared to what we've had as of late. Two-time Wildcat, Daimion Collins, one of the most beloved players over the last couple seasons, has announced where he will be transferring to after hitting the portal in mid-April.

The LSU Tigers it is as they land the Atlanta, Texas native as he looks to move closer to his hometown and his family, while still trying to make his name known at a respectable and sizable program.

This move confirms the fact that he'll remain on Kentucky's conference schedule, getting to play his now former team twice a year, with the annual trip to Lexington included. I can already envision that game and what it will be like so clearly in my head, and it's still a ways away. A loud roar from the Rupp Arena crowd will be heard all the way to the rafters as they announce his name during the pregame festivities, cheering him on endlessly. The kid was extremely loved here and he never rubbed anyone the wrong way during his two years battling the rotations. He was a great role player, phenomenal teammate, and made great steps forward in every opportunity he was presented. He was one that I don't believe anyone wanted to see go, but completely understood when it actually happened. After everything he's been through over the last year, he deserves complete happiness and the stability to keep his head high, and moving back closer to his loved ones is what allows that. He is now half the distance to his hometown than what he was in Kentucky, which lets him be home at any moment if need be.

Some fans expected him to choose a school inside the state lines of Texas, but after weighing out his options he clearly felt like this was the better route. None of us were there for that process, so of course it was little confusing when the news first broke, but no matter what, we can still support him as much as possible. I do feel like the LSU program checks out as a great fit for his personal game even if it wasn't the one we expected, and I've said forever now that he has so, so much potential. Daimion has all of the freakishly-athletic talent that you absolutely cannot teach a player, but he's just been held back by not being well coordinated, underweight, and having little confidence in his game. If he finds a larger role in Baton Rouge, a place where he isn't in the shadows of the National Player of the Year, he might be able to find those other parts of his game and ultimately find success in college. He can spend two years there and truly become everything he wants to be, under a not as bright spotlight and a little less pressure.

I sure hope so and I'm fine with predicting it. His 1.9 points and 1.9 rebounds a game as a Wildcat will increase this winter as he receives more than 8 minutes (average) a game.

DC, this entire fanbase is rooting for you. Go be great.


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