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Davion Mintz partners with Reebok

As we start to see the NIL endorsements and deals take place, finally putting money in the players pockets, we'll start to see many players announce all across their socials of when they accept deals from companies. These deals can range from anything; commercials, sponsored gear, shoutouts... anything.

As we start to see the ways it can effect Kentucky in the future, I think it goes without a doubt that we're ready seeing dividends from it as it's one of the main reasons we got a second year in Davion Mintz. It now benefits the players who are on the edge of leaving and pursuing professional options, when they aren't really sure if they're ready for it, just hoping to still find their way and to ultimately take care of their families financially. Key word: financially. Well with the NIL being an option now, it helps these on the edge players by having the intriguing option of returning to college because they can still get paid while developing their game.

We are starting to see Davion Mintz already reap the benefits of returning for another year in Lexington, as this morning he announced he has become a "Reebok partner" on his instagram.

Big news for the sixth year guard who has watched many of his peers go off and make their money for their likeness, and now he gets some of his portion as he still chases his dreams of actually 'making it.'



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